Our Fleet and Rates


Below are the flat rates that Royal Limousine has available for your convenience.

  • In-Town Airport Transfer – $90 – includes transport to or from MSO airport to or from a home or hotel of your choice within Missoula county limits*
  • Airport to Hamilton Transfer – $180 – includes transport from MSO to city limits of Hamilton MT (NO FURTHER THAN ANGLERS BEND)
  • Airport to Paws Up Ranch – $230
  • Missoula Concert Venue Round Trip – $350 – includes pickup from up to THREE locations with transport to concert venue of choice (within Missoula County) and a pickup and return AFTER the concert. Good for up to 8 passengers
  • Dinner night out – $150 – take your friends, family, or dearly beloved out to dinner in style! Includes round-trip pickup for up to 8 passengers to any restaurant in Missoula County (assumes a roughly 2hr dinner reservation).

*excludes Alberton, Clinton (and past), past Lolo, and all areas past Bonner/East Missoula (Potomac, Greenough, Seeley Lake, etc.)


All other trips will be billed hourly

  • Hourly rate: $130
  • 2 hour minimum


Cancellation Policy/Terms

  • Royal Limousine has a 24hr cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation WITHIN 24hrs, you will be billed the estimated total of your reservation. Our fleet and drivers are valuable to us, cancelling within 24hrs means our drivers have already made plans to take care of you on your trip and our vehicles are committed to your reservation. This means that others who may have wished to book on the same day may not have been able to because our service was committed to your trip. We see this as the fairest possible solution to give you the most flexibility and let us provide you with top notch drivers. Larger reservations may have an adjusted cancellation policy that will be delivered at the time of booking.
  • Royal Limousine requires a credit/debit card to be on-file at the time of booking. We are happy to provide you with estimates and pricing and availability, but cannot confirm a booking and commit a vehicle to your reservation without this information.
  • Royal Limousine charges a $200 cleaning fee for any major spills, or other mishaps in our vehicles. This helps keep our fleet looking top notch. Parties using our stretch limousine will be required to sign an acknowledgement agreeing to these terms before the start of their reservation.
  • All of our vehicles have onboard dash cameras for the safety of our drivers and passengers. By entering our vehicles and agreeing to book with us, you consent to the fact these devices may be recording you. All dash cam footage is private, and not shared with any 3rd parties except in situations where footage may be required by law enforcement.