Our Fleet and Rates

Our Fleet


In-Town Airport Transfer


Includes Transport to or from Missoula Airport to or from a home or hotel of your choice within Missoula County Limits*

Airport to Ravalli County Transfer


Includes transport from Missoula Airport to any home in Ravalli County (NO FUTHER THAN ANGLERS BEND)

Airport to Paws Up Ranch


Transport from Missoula Airport to Greenough Valley (aka the Paws Up Ranch)

Missoula Concert Venue Round Trip


Includes pickup from up to THREE locations with transport to the concert venue of choice (within Missoula County*) and pickup/return AFTER the concert. VIP dropoff locations at the front of each venue in Missoula! Good for up to 8 passengers.

Night Out Special!


Take your friends, family, or spouse out tonight in style! Includes round-trip pickup for up to 4 passengers from up to three locations, to any venue in Missoula County* (assumes a roughly 2hr dinner reservation).

*excludes Alberton, Clinton (and past), past Lolo, and all areas past Bonner/East Missoula (Potomac, Greenough, Seeley Lake, etc.)

Customized Reservations

Tell us what will make your trip top notch. Outside of our flat rates, we have a cost-effective hourly-rate of $130/hour – this includes drive and wait time, but we try and work with you as best as we can if your planning to stay at your destination for a while.

Royal Limousine Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy

  • Royal Limousine has a 24hr cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation WITHIN 24hrs, you will be billed the estimated total of your reservation. Our fleet and drivers are valuable to us, cancelling within 24hrs means our drivers have already made plans to take care of you on your trip and our vehicles are committed to your reservation. This means that others who may have wished to book on the same day may not have been able to because our service was committed to your trip. We see this as the fairest possible solution to give you the most flexibility and let us provide you with top notch drivers. Larger reservations may have an adjusted cancellation policy that will be delivered at the time of booking.
  • Royal Limousine requires a credit/debit card to be on-file at the time of booking. We are happy to provide you with estimates and pricing and availability, but cannot confirm a booking and commit a vehicle to your reservation without this information.
  • Royal Limousine charges a $200 cleaning fee for any major spills, or other mishaps in our vehicles. This helps keep our fleet looking top notch. Parties using our stretch limousine will be required to sign an acknowledgement agreeing to these terms before the start of their reservation.
  • All of our vehicles have onboard dash cameras for the safety of our drivers and passengers. By entering our vehicles and agreeing to book with us, you consent to the fact these devices may be recording you. All dash cam footage is private, and not shared with any 3rd parties except in situations where footage may be required by law enforcement.
  • WINTER TRAVEL DISCLAIMER: Winter weather in Montana can be very volatile, and travel conditions are subject to change at moment’s notice. Our drivers come prepared for all winter driving scenarios to keep our passengers safe. Oftentimes, severe winter weather means increased travel time for our clients. This can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. Winter driving conditions are outside of Royal Limousine’s control and may change the cost of your reservation. If we feel it is safe to send you a driver in inclement weather, we reserve the right to bill additional travel time above what was quoted to you. This includes any flat rate quotes you may have been given. We will do our best to inform you of conditions and possible additional charges in advance but cannot guarantee this. If we are NOT able to dispatch you a driver due to severe weather and dangerous driving conditions, we will contact you with as much advance notice as possible, and either schedule a different trip time or cancel your reservation at no charge.
  • ALL LIMOUSINE RENTALS ARE WEATHER DEPENDENT. Limousines are unusually challenging vehicles to maneuver, and winter weather especially makes them dangerous to drive. Most of the time this just applies to ice and snow. If you have booked a limousine rental, and weather makes it unsafe for us to drive that vehicle, we may adjust or cancel your reservation. We will try to give you as much advance notice as we possibly can in this event. If this does happen, we are more than happy to commit a suburban to your reservation for no additional charge, or cancel your reservation with no fees. We are also more than happy to reschedule your ride for another day to try for better weather.