Our Fleet and Rates

Our Fleet


In-Town Airport Transfer


Includes Transport to or from Missoula Airport to or from a home or hotel of your choice within Missoula County Limits

*excludes Alberton, Clinton (and past), past Lolo, and all areas past Bonner/East Missoula (Potomac, Greenough, Seeley Lake, etc.)

Airport to Ravalli County Transfer


Includes transport from Missoula Airport to any home in Ravalli County (NO FUTHER THAN ANGLERS BEND)

*Rate also applicable to airport transfers to/from Alberton or Clinton – DOES NOT INCLUE Seeley Lake, Potomac or Greenough.

Airport to Seeley/Potomac/


Transport to/from Missoula Airport to Greenough Valley, Potomac Valley, Paws Up Ranch, or Seeley Lake

Missoula Concert Venue Round Trip


Includes pickup from up to TWO locations with transport to the concert venue of choice (roughly within Missoula City limits) and pickup/return AFTER the concert. VIP drop-off locations at the front of each venue in Missoula! Good for up to 6 passengers (+100 for more than 6 passengers).

Night Out Special!


Take your friends, family, or spouse out tonight in style! Includes round-trip pickup for up to 4 passengers from up to TWO locations, to any venue in Missoula County* (assumes a roughly 2hr dinner reservation).

Customized Reservations

Tell us what will make your trip top notch. Outside of our flat rates, we have a cost-effective hourly-rate of $130/hour – this includes drive and wait time, but we try and work with you as best as we can if your planning to stay at your destination for a while.

Our 12 passenger stretch limo has an hourly rate of $180/hr

All vehicles have a 2 hour minimum for hourly service.

Royal Limousine Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation Policy: Royal Limousine has a 36hr cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation WITHIN 36hrs, you will be billed the estimated total of your reservation. Our fleet and drivers are valuable to us, cancelling within 36hrs means our drivers have already made plans to take care of you on your trip and our vehicles are committed to your reservation. This means that others who may have wished to book on the same day may not have been able to because our service was committed to your trip. We see this as the fairest possible solution to give you the most flexibility and let us provide you with top notch drivers. Larger reservations may have an adjusted cancellation policy that will be delivered at the time of booking.
  • AIRPORT DELAYS/CANCELLATION POLICY: We understand that commercial flights are subject to change at a moment’s notice – that’s why our drivers track all inbound flights to make sure we arrive when you do. We factor in roughly an hour and a half of delay time in our airport pricing from the estimated time of arrival according to our original booking. If your flight is delayed more than this, our team charges a $50 delay fee per additional hour – due to the nature of private car service, your vehicle was reserved for you at the original landing time of your flight – this fee is to compensate our drivers for the unexpected holding time. If your flight is CANCELLED, please call us with as much advance notice as possible to re-schedule your pickup – if you plan to fly in after a cancelled flight within 48 hours of your original trip, we will move your reservation at no additional charge, if your trip plans change beyond this window, our cancellation policy listed above will apply to your reservation.
  • On-Time Guarantee: Timeliness is one of our highest priorities. Your trust in our team not only applies to a safe and luxurious ride, but also one that gets you where you need to be on-time. Royal Limousine guarantees on-time performance by offering 100% compensation for the following expenses in the event our tardiness causes a change in your schedule: missed flights, rental cars, parking expenses, hotel expenses, other bills at the discretion of Royal Limousine. This policy is NOT applicable to unavoidable delays due to weather, road construction, or mechanical failure as these are outside of our control – however compensation may still be offered as we see fit.
  • Billing Policy: Royal Limousine requires a credit/debit card to be on-file at the time of booking. We are happy to provide you with estimates and pricing and availability, but cannot confirm a booking and commit a vehicle to your reservation without this information. Unless otherwise specified, your card will be charged at the time of service. Royal has a $50 LATE FEE charge that applies to trips where we are unable to bill a payment method at the time of service. This fee is accrued weekly and sent to a collection agency after 5 weeks of unsuccessful payment.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Policy: Passengers who travel with us under the age of 18 are required to provide contact information for a parent/guardian to the chauffeur before a trip begins. Trips using either of our limos will have the partition locked in the lowered position – no exceptions. Any alcohol, marijuana, or other adult OR illegal substances found to be brought onboard will result in an IMMEDIATE termination of service at the nearest safe location. Where appropriate, law enforcement may be involved.
  • Car Seat Policy: Due to insurance liability, Royal Limousine does not provide car seats for infant riders – drivers are also prohibited from providing any assistance with installing car-seats into our vehicles. If traveling with an infant or young child, please bring the appropriate equipment with you, and our driver will show you to a seat in our vehicle that is designed for a car seat. Please note that none of our limos offer car seat-compatible seating, and parents who choose to bring young children with them in the limo will hold harmless Royal Limousine, its ownership, and insurance provider for any injury received from this choice.
  • Cleaning Policy: Royal Limousine charges a $200 cleaning fee for any major spills, or other mishaps in our vehicles. This helps keep our fleet looking top notch.  Odor removal charges due to smoking ANY substance will be forwarded from the detail vendor to the offending party. Patrons using our stretch limousine will be required to sign an acknowledgement agreeing to these terms before the start of their reservation.
  • Right to Refuse Service: Royal Limousine retains the right to refuse service to any person for any reason at any time before, or during a scheduled trip. Passengers are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, legal, and reasonable manner while onboard. All riders must always abide by all driver requests, as these are usually for your own safety. Passengers who refuse to adhere to general safety precautions and driver instructions will immediately forfeit their privilege to ride and will be asked to exit the vehicle at the next safe location. When applicable, law enforcement will be called. Any rides that are ended prematurely due to passenger negligence, unsafe or illegal activity will be billed the total amount of the reservation plus any damages that are incurred from the incident.
  • Alcohol/Substance Policy: Royal Limousine has two vehicles where open container alcohol is permitted under certain conditions. Montana state law allows for alcohol consumption in a for-hire moving vehicle where the passengers consuming beverages are physically separated from the driver. Our short and long stretch limousines have partitions that accommodate these State requirements. Royal Limousine DOES NOT provide alcohol for consumption, but ice is available upon request. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can alcohol be consumed in our suburban fleet. Royal Limousine does not allow smoking of tobacco or marijuana in any vehicle at any time. Patrons who violate this rule will be responsible for interior cleaning charges which can reach up to $1000 or more to get the smell out! If you need a cigarette, please let our driver know and we will stop at the nearest safe location for your convenience. Royal Limousine does not allow the consumption of illicit/illegal substances onboard. If the driver suspects, or is aware of illicit substances being consumed, bought, sold, or otherwise present in the vehicle, law enforcement will be called immediately, and all passengers forfeit their ride immediately. Any rides ended prematurely for violation of this policy will be billed the full trip amount, plus cleaning fees where applicable.
  • Dashcam Notice: All of our vehicles have onboard dash cameras for the safety of our drivers and passengers. By entering our vehicles and agreeing to book with us, you consent to the fact these devices may be recording you. All dash cam footage is private, and not shared with any 3rd parties except in situations where footage may be required by law enforcement.
  • WINTER TRAVEL DISCLAIMER: Winter weather in Montana can be very volatile, and travel conditions are subject to change at moment’s notice. Our drivers come prepared for all winter driving scenarios to keep our passengers safe. Oftentimes, severe winter weather means increased travel time for our clients. This can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. Winter driving conditions are outside of Royal Limousine’s control and may change the cost of your reservation. If we feel it is safe to send you a driver in inclement weather, we reserve the right to bill additional travel time above what was quoted to you. This includes any flat rate quotes you may have been given. We will do our best to inform you of conditions and possible additional charges in advance but cannot guarantee this. If we are NOT able to dispatch you a driver due to severe weather and dangerous driving conditions, we will contact you with as much advance notice as possible, and either schedule a different trip time or cancel your reservation at no charge.
  • Flat Rate Disclaimer: Flat rate charges are built around the assumption of point-to-point travel (ex. Airport pickup/dropoff). These rates save you money because they only are billing for the average on-road travel time and factor in only short waiting times. Sometimes though, things such as winter weather, or summer road construction, can drastically influence transfer times. When travel time for flat rate bookings exceeds 1hr or more beyond standard travel time estimates, Royal Limousine reserves the right to change your flat rate fee to an hourly reservation. When possible, we will provide advance notice of this, however unplanned wait time, or unforeseen circumstances may mean this adjustment happens while the trip is in progress.
  • Hourly Billing Charges: All hourly billing is calculated “shop-to-shop” – this means the billable time BEGINS when we leave our Missoula facility, and ENDS when the vehicle returns to our facility. For in-town trips, this typically only adds 10-20 minutes to a trip and generally is factored into the estimated cost – this primarily is applicable for out of town trips that are not covered by our flat-rate pricing. All trips are considered “round trip” due to this policy.
  • ALL LIMOUSINE RENTALS ARE WEATHER DEPENDENT. Limousines are unusually challenging vehicles to maneuver, and winter weather especially makes them dangerous to drive. Most of the time this just applies to ice and snow. If you have booked a limousine rental, and weather makes it unsafe for us to drive that vehicle, we may adjust or cancel your reservation. We will try to give you as much advance notice as we possibly can in this event. If this does happen, we are more than happy to commit a suburban to your reservation for no additional charge, or cancel your reservation with no fees. We are also more than happy to reschedule your ride for another day to try for better weather.
  • Mechanical Failure Policy: Royal Limousine takes pride in the high standard of care and maintenance for all our vehicles. However, mechanical failures do happen, and may cause delays or cancellations for your reservation. While mechanical failures are out of our control, our team will do our best to provide as much advance notice as possible if there is an issue that may affect your reservation. Royal Limousine reserves the right to choose whether compensation is offered to our clientele. Normally with last minute cancellations due to things like a tire blowout, our team will work with you to reschedule a reduced-rate trip as a token of our apology for the disruption. Any reservations canceled due to mechanical failure will not be charged. Reservations substantially delayed due to mechanical failure may receive a reduced rate at the discretion of Royal Limousine.